Top 5 Most Influential Mobile Games

Today we’ll look at 7 mobile games which defined the contemporary mobile gaming landscape.

Before we concentrate on the list of what we think to be most influential mobile games are, we’d love to mention that this isn’t an overview of the most “loved” games. Rather, we are going to go over the most influential mobile games, mind you, which, is a unique and more subjective selection criterion.

1. Snake

We couldn’t have started a genuine round up without mentioning Snake, possibly the very first popular mobile game. Snake was launched in 1997 with the very first cell phone, the Nokia 6610 plus. The game was essentially a movable variant of Blockade, an Atari game produced by Gremlin and released in October 1976.

Snake ticked all of the boxes required for a movable game: the user interface was simple enough, and the code was affordable for contemporary standards with absurdly low processing power. As well as the easy controls made it easy for Nokia phones.

As basic as the game was, Snake rapidly turned into a cult; Whenever folks had time to play a quick game on their Nokia telephone, they did thus, no matter if it was in a classrooms or bus stop. Do you remember whenever you compared your high scores with your friends?

2. Angry Birds

The first Angry Birds name began December 2009 on Apple’s iOS wedge. In the meantime, nonetheless, variations of the game were made for practically every gaming platform possible, even for the PC and Consoles.
The concept behind Angry Birds wasn’t new, since Crush the Castle had shown similar ideas before. Nevertheless, with a combination of advanced gameplay, and funny style of the freemium monetization concept, Angry Birds has achieved a lot of recognition. Since January 2014, the titles of Angry Birds have exceeded 3 billion downloads.

3. Fruit Ninja

Though the Fruit Ninja team didn’t always create a generation of games that were similar, the name was practically associated with mobile gaming in 2011, once the game’s popularity reached its highest level.

Fruit ninja was a game that required touch screen capabilites. Without you, you might be lost. The main reason being that the user’s finger turned into a ninja sword in order to slice oncoming fruits from the top fo the display. If you played this game then you might remember taking turns with your friends to see who could slice the most fruit.

4. Temple Run

Though it wasn’t the very first limitless runner game for mobile products, Temple Run was the name which brought these games types into the mainstream. The initial model of Temple Run was released in 2011 on iOS, later ported to Android as well as Windows Phone devices.

The aspects of the game are ideal for mobile devices, because the character will always run without the need for user input. Users simply pan right or left to flip, go up, and glide down. Temple Run has gained immense recognition and possesses spawned a demographic of endless runners on mobile devices.

5. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a name which has experienced huge success and has had the lengthiest number of consecutive days on Apple’s top games. Clash of clans showed developers that big money can be made through in game purchases.

Though not the very first game of its type, Clash of Clans has become nearly synonymous with mobile real time strategy games.