Melted Games is a new Indie games development team formed by Melted Media and Studio Budgie.We came together in 2004 to create a shockwave 3D racing game for Toyota and the Art Attack Digital CD-Rom for Europress and found that we made a good development team.Work began on our first independant game in July 2004, with the loose game idea of taking a racing game and adding some aspects of FPS shooter games such as UT and Quake.




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The worst group of people you can ever decide to annoy are gamers who have been expecting a game for far too long. There are a number of instances where a studio fails to make a game because for starters they are afraid that they will never appease the appetite…

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1. The very first thing you have to understand in case you wish to learn how to become a successful individual is the fact that you attract achievements by the person you get. Likewise, you entice failure by the individual you’re. So, exactly how does one become a booming individual?…

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To enjoy best night’s sleep, a selection of elements come into play among which will be the choice of your respective mattress. With a multitude of mattresses in the sector, picking the right one requires keen thoughtfulness. The issue of your overall health should always come into play when purchasing…

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A Great Selection of Outdoor Artificial Plants

Every home gets cozier with a little hanging or even potted indoor plants. For the garden or along the forward walkway, outside synthetic crops will do. Even outdoor hanging baskets will make great ornaments. Real plants call for good care for them to flourish. Even preschoolers are instructed that plants…